I’m an Indonesian illustrator who is used with culture shocks, different cultural environment & constant changes. My graphic design background somehow influenced my way of drawing. I love cartoons & vintage art, and somewhat combines them into a form of modern interpretation.

I used to be a designer before I’ve decided to follow my one true dream, to draw. My media are mostly digital but I also paint in mix media, such as acrylic & watercolor. To see more of my work please visit my online portfolio page.

Feel free to contact me on juliana.tjitra@ymail.com  🙂



3 thoughts on “About”

  1. keren abiiiiiiiiiiiz style loe. kalo bisnis clothing gw beneran jalan suatu hari nanti, gw pengen banget gunain ilustrasi2 loe, juls.

    btw boleh nggak hasil kerja loe kemaren gw masukin ke homepage gw lalu maksudnya gw link ke homepage loe sekaligus kasih alamat mail loe, sapa2 tahu elo nemu client orang jerman. hehehe, gw bangga bisa promote elo kalo elo minat.


  2. Love your works!

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