I think most people want to escape from the reality every now & then, I know I do. That’s why we read books, watches movies, & listens to music. Books, movies, & music are story tellers – other people’s stories for us to dwell into.

I have a lot of stories in my mind, thousands of characters, & creatures pops up almost every minute of my imagination. Those creatures used to flow out easily in paper, as sketches. I sketch more than I draw, I have problems with this thing called attention span… I get distracted in the middle of conversations, while I drive, while I eat.

Drawing keeps me sane, it keeps me protected from all the nasty stuff outside, like everyone, I need my escape pod every now and then. To curl up inside into that warm little cozy pod, in a fetal position, just sleeping & dreaming. I don’t think that to escape from reality every now & then is a cowardly act, but it’s a way to recharge your spirit & soul. I like to curl up into my pod, but I don’t like the idea of staying inside to long.