Recharging Pod

I think most people want to escape from the reality every now & then, I know I do. That’s why we read books, watches movies, & listens to music. Books, movies, & music are story tellers – other people’s stories for us to dwell into.

I have a lot of stories in my mind, thousands of characters, & creatures pops up almost every minute of my imagination. Those creatures used to flow out easily in paper, as sketches. I sketch more than I draw, I have problems with this thing called attention span… I get distracted in the middle of conversations, while I drive, while I eat.

Drawing keeps me sane, it keeps me protected from all the nasty stuff outside, like everyone, I need my escape pod every now and then. To curl up inside into that warm little cozy pod, in a fetal position, just sleeping & dreaming. I don’t think that to escape from reality every now & then is a cowardly act, but it’s a way to recharge your spirit & soul. I like to curl up into my pod, but I don’t like the idea of staying inside to long.

Art Market



Dear friends,

Come join our festivity at Kopi Keliling’s ART MARKET, Sunday October 14th 2012 at TOKOVE, Kemang Selatan no. 55.

There will be tons of awesome artworks done by super talented artists, many fun activities such as: Open Mic, Karaoke Night,

Collective Drawing, Sharing Sessions, Mini Workshop, Acoustic Performances, and so much more.

Be sure to mark your calendar right now!

For more info you can visit or simply mention on Twitter @KopiKeliling.